What a difference a year makes…

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I know most normal people think about the passage of a year on special occasions.. anniversaries, birthdays, new years…but hey, I’ve never once claimed to be normal.

I came across a line on the net about if we could talk to ourselves a year ago, we’d be amazed at how far we’ve come.  So, as for me, today is good timing because Thanksgiving last year was a very good day.  And it would be a while before I really felt that way again…

So what would I say to myself a year ago about the coming year and where God would take me?  What if I couldn’t go back and change my mistakes, but I knew what I was coming?  What do I say?

Dear Wyo4Mama Thanksgiving 2016 version,

Thanksgiving will be a good day this year, full of joy and people you love and some good ol’ family drama.  A break from drama with the kids and the school. So enjoy today.  Live in it and savor the gift of friends and family in your life that truly care about you.

You’ll mess up, and by mess up, I mean majorly mess up not too long from now.  But when you do, remember that God loves you.  Nothing you could do is beyond His reach, His grace, or His forgiveness.   Learn what it means to abide in him, and don’t let go.  God’s put some wonderful people in your life, just for this time, so you can finally stop running away and heal.  So you can finally run towards him.

You’ll want to rush everything.  But trust God…sometimes you simply have to feel the emotions, the junk, to experience freedom from it.  God knows what he’s doing, and he wants you strong, clear minded, and full of his peace and power.  You were meant for more than where you are now, you’re meant to grow and learn and be sanctified through his power.  He never breaks a promise.

There will be many, many times that you want to simply give up.  Those are the times when you keep fighting for what you know is right.  The night is darkest before the dawn.

And believe it or not, you will come out stronger, and grateful for the storms and the rain, because that’s how you get the rainbow.  By next year, you’ll look back, truly grateful that God doesn’t leave you where you are, that he calls you into deeper waters, and you’ll be ready for the next storm because you’ll know, you once again will get to see his power.  So don’t fear the depression, anxiety or panic attacks.  Don’t be afraid of your path, embrace it.

Oh, one other thing…stop worrying about the people around you – when you have a chance to tell someone how great Jesus is, love them enough to speak the truth, because He works in the honest conversations.  He’ll hold it all together, and will bring about his purposes.


me 2017

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